Hello, my name is…


What? My name is…what…my name is…slim shady.

Ok, not really. My name is Tony and that’s my wife Beth.

We live in Woodstock Ga – a suburb about 35 miles north of Atlanta. We drive two cars, own a house in a neighborhood with an HOA, have two sons – Ryan and Adam. Ryan is 10 and Adam is 7 as of the date of this post. I work a full time job as a technology consultant. Beth stays home. We attend a local church. Ryan and Adam play tennis and are in scouts.

That’s our life.

And it’s great. I am blessed. My family is blessed. We really want for nothing.

Except time.

Probably like you.

That’s what this blog is about. I want to escape from the need to work a full time job for someone else. That’s called financial independence. I want to be able to go on a mountain bike ride at 10am on a Tuesday or take my kids hiking on a Thursday after school and not have to worry how it affects my career or my family’s future financial position.

What I promise is brutal transparency as we go through the journey. Hopefully there will be something you find useful.

I don’t promise anything substantial or mind blowing.

I do promise to share everything openly and be open to differing opinions and changing direction.

The goal: Financial Independence. Time.





Starting out

Today is the starting point.

November 3, 2014.